EnviroSlip Project Update to Members 13

Published Mon 10 Jun 2024

EnviroSlip Project Update to Members 13

Concrete works are complete with the slip bay one poured along with the remainder of the nib wall.

We are in the final big works days with the New trailer park asphalt booked for Wednesday (fingers crossed for a weather window) this will wrap up the major works, will some minor plumbing and clean up jobs ongoing along with the commissioning of the pumps, power and lights in the next couple of weeks.
If you are using the boat ramp early this week, please go lightly on the prepared gravel surface and wash down on the ramp or capture slab only, and keep in mind sealing works will be happening Wednesday, after Wednesday we will have the new asphalt fenced off for a couple of days to let it cure.

This huge future proofing project would not have happened without the support of all three tiers of government, namely the Australian Government, the Tasmanian Government and West Tamar Council, together with the Club’s contribution.


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