Historic Photos

Photo 1  the start is the cock of Tamar Jan 65 at Beauty Point Peter Bridley's Derwent Class "Pim" D9 and "Vite 6" behind it trying to beat cat!!






Photo 2 Easter 1963 start at PDYC Beauty Point at least "Pim" with our red and white first coloured spinnaker on the Tamar was away well, with crew Peter Newman, Tony Rowell, Gus Cartledge and Peter Bridley plus D6 "Madere" Peter Beckett. Peter think's heavy weight sharpie is No 12, his previous boat sail "Penguin" but it was dark blue when he had it, and sold it to Alan Walton at PDYC in 1954.





Photo 3 shows the crew of the Tamar River 46ft staysail schooner "Wanderer" after the 1953 Sydney Hobart in which finished 15th beating Landfall and Bizzy Girl. Solvieg won on Handicap with Kurrewa getting line honours, but finishing 14th on handicap.The hat wearing co- skippers of "Wanderer" Gordon and Eric Massey are Eric in middle with the hat, Peter does'nt know what age Gordon Massey was (on the left with hat ) but he was amazing company and very able bodied on that loverly old boat. the rest of the crew photographed are John Fitzell (crew cut hair) Alan Brigden from Sydney (on right) and Peter Bridley kneelling. 



 Photo No 4 shows the"Wanderer" on the Tamar prior to leaving for Sydney. 

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