Fees and Charges


Club Fees and Charges 

Season 2023 / 2024

Membership Fees and Club Charges for 2023 – 2024 Season (including GST)

Membership Fees

Senior Member                               $468.00

Social Member                                $96.00

Family                                                $718.00

Young Member                               $140.00

Junior                                                 $116.00

Veteran                                             $258.00

Sailing (Crew)                                   $258.00

Club Charges 

Tender bay                                        $82.00 per annum

Sabot storage                                   $122.00 per annum

Sabot storage                                   $7.50 per week

District dinghy top rack                 $162.00 per annum

District dinghy bottom rack         $200.00 per annum

PDYC Yacht registration                $23.00 per annum

Trailer sailor parking                      $510.00 per season

Trailer sailor parking                      $80.00 per month for members

Trailer sailor parking                      $160.00 per month for non members

Club mooring                                    $8.50 per day for members

Club mooring                                    $14.00 per day for non members

Club pontoon                                    $14.00 per day for members 

Club pontoon                                    $30.00 per day for non members

Note: Re Pontoon usage 1 day free / week then day rates apply. (Vessels not racing, will not be permitted to be berthed during race days / events without prior permission.)

Slip haul out                                      $95.00 for members

Slip haul out on tide clean            $85.00 for members

Slip haul out                                      $260.00 for non members

On hard on slip (Boat Length Meters)

10m or Less                                       $20.00 per day for members

10m or Less                                       $40.00 per day for non members

10m to 11m                                       $22.00 per day for members

10m to 11m                                       $44.00 per day for non members

11m to 12m                                       $24.00 per day for members

11m to 12m                                       $48.00 per day for non members

12m to 13m                                       $26.00 per day for members

12m to 13m                                       $52.00 per day for non members

13m to 14m                                       $28.00 per day for members

13m to 14m                                       $56.00 per day for non members

14m to 15m                                       $30.00 per day for members

14m to 15m                                       $60.00 per day for non members

Enviromental Levy (on commissioning of Enviroslip upgrade) $30.00

Pressure cleaner hire                      $35.00 per clean

Slip area clean up, post slipping $130.00 per instance

Hire of club sabot                              $110.00 per annum (1st season only)

Hire of club sabot                              $140.00 per annum (2nd & subsequent seasons)

Rescue boats                                      $135.00 per day per boat (Class regattas & training)

SB20 Sail Storage                               $60.00 per annum

No discounts for new members

Club room hire – contact secretary


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