EnviroSlip Project Update to Members 12

Published Sun 02 Jun 2024

EnviroSlip Project Update to Members 12

Another big busy week, and the EnviroSlip is taking on its final shape and looking amazing, lots of new seal in Kemps Parade finishing off those works, big thank you to West Tamar Council for their assistance with those works.

Concrete works are finished in the slip incline and around the tower with only a couple of days of concreting remaining. Lots of Electrical work is now complete and fitted of including our two new southern light towers.

Huge thank you to the twenty plus members that leaped us forward with a massive jump on Saturday, lots of wires fitted off, winch cable replaced, handrail installed at the tower, water meter slab boxed and an amazing clean-up of the travers bay.

In the trailer park Friday’s weather delayed the placing of the new 30mm Asphalt seal over the original two coat seal area and linking into the new eastern slipway slab this will be re-scheduled for a clear weather window this week, we will update by email when timing confirmed.

If you are using the boat ramp this week, please go lightly on the prepared gravel surface and wash down on the ramp or capture slab only, and keep in mind sealing works may be happening.

When you are at the Club, please remember the slipway is a construction site under the control of the RMB Construction, so there is no access. We note that you may see some Club members on the site occasionally assisting with the electrical install, and other items, please still respect that the site is restricted access and do not enter.


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