EnviroSlip Project Update to Members 10

Published Sun 19 May 2024

EnviroSlip Project Update to Members 10

Concrete works are complete on the new east slip bays 13-17, we can now really see the form of the new graded slabs, that will direct wash down and bottom preparation works to the capture pits.

The crew from RMB Construction will now move onto the final area of concrete works completing the new bay 1 and the slip incline and abutting to the new kerb line.

In the trailer park subcontractor PRO-DIG have 95% of the preparation for the new 30mm Asphalt seal over the original 2 coat seal area and linking into the new eastern slipway slab. As soon as we know the sealing date, we will let you know.

Works coming up.

This week will see the continuation concreting in the northern end of the slipway.

As noted, access to the Trailer Park will continue by the Southern gate ONLY, access will still be by a member key if gate is locked.

If you are using the boat ramp, please go lightly on the prepared gravel surface and wash down on the ramp or capture slab only.

If you have not been to the Club for a while, have a drive by and check out the progress, when you are at the Club, please remember the slipway is a construction site under the control of the RMB Construction, so there is no access. We note that you may see some Club members on the site occasionally assisting with the electrical install, and other items, please still respect that the site is restricted access and do not enter.


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