DF65 Demonstration on Saturday at PDYC

Published Tue 30 Apr 2024

There has been a revolution in model yacht sailing in the past few years with the arrival of the DF65 production kit class and its coming to PDYC this Saturday the 4th May from 12:00 - 3:00, with PDYC Member Peter Haworth running a demonstration for Members interested in the class. The DF65 class has taken a large foothold at the DSS in Hobart with many members taking up the class and sailing off their marina, with PDYCs new pontoons offering a great venue also.

Some background on the DF65, those involved in the sport of radio sailing it has always been a serious form of sailboat racing, but not one that was effectively promoted to the wider sailing world. Perhaps seen as ‘model’ boat racing but known by those within the sport as one the most intense and challenging racing disciplines available. Class founders, John Tushingham, Mike Weston and Mark Dicks identified the need for a low-cost, readily available, restricted class boat featuring good sailing characteristics and designed to make use of modern mass production techniques. The opportunity to realise that ambition arose in 2011 and the boat that resulted, the Dragon Force 65 went on to change the public face of radio sailing. The DF classes have succeeded in attracting many people to gain their first experience of sailboat racing and the social life that goes with it, as well as opening a whole new world of racing to experienced sailors.

Link to Australian DF Radio Sailing Association (ADFRSA)


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