Covid 19 Policy

PDYC Covid-19 Policy

Updated 21 September 2022

The Port Dalrymple Yacht Club (“PDYC”) has prepared a Covid-19 plan to ensure the protection of both members and visitors to the club and enable PDYC to operate during this current pandemic.

The plan has been developed in accordance with the Tasmanian Public Health Guidelines and AIS framework, and is supported by a detailed risk assessment based on activities undertaken at PDYC. Full details of the plan are available on request.

In accordance with the plan, all members and visitors to PDYC must comply with the following key procedures and requirements:

  • All members and visitors are recommended to maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres between people .
  • Occupancy limits if posted on entry to rooms and areas  need to be adhered to.
  • All persons are requested to practice high standards of hand and cough hygiene including hand sanitisation on entry to the premises.
  • All persons must observe COVID – 19 signage and follow any directions which are located within the PDYC facility.

  • You must not enter the PDYC facility if "Under the Public Health Act 1997",  you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and required to isolate
  • Under the Public Health Act (1997), if you are a close contact you must wear a face mask in any indoor space outside your home, unless you have a mask exemption. 

Protect yourself and others, follow advice from health authorities, including:

    • good hygiene, including regular hand washing.
    • social distancing, no handshakes or hugs
    • self-isolation where necessary

If you have been diagnosed with the virus you are obligated "Under the Public Health Act 1997" to tell  your social contacts that you have tested positive for COVID-19.

Social contacts are people who have :

  • had 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with a confirmed case, or
  • spent over 2 hours with a confirmed case in the same indoor space during their infectious period*.

 please advise the club commodore directly by email to

Please note:

  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in temporary suspension of membership.
  • Failure to comply with this policy and public health directives may result in very significant penalties for both individuals and the Club.
  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in complete closure of the Club! Nobody wants to be responsible for that.

Please visit regularly to find out the latest news and information about restrictions and your obligations in regards to the COVID 19 virus in Tasmania.

For further information please contact PDYC via

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